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What are WE really About?

“…But God” Ministry Nette Working For You is a 501 c 3 non profit agency.



Mission:  The primary goal of our organization is two-fold.  We will use the most effective tool known to mankind “nette-working”  to partner with churches, community and other Christian connections.  We will offer, equip and provide resources aimed to build, develop and grow through seminars, workshops, leadership trainings, conferences and retreats.  In addition, we identify special needs of the community, become a resource by partnering with other organizations to help met the needs of others.  (Food, clothing, shelter, training and awareness).


To support, assist, encourage and inspire, through providing coaching, mentoring, counseling, awareness training , for the youth, elderly, men and women. As we enhance our  “Nette-Work” we will “Pay it Forward” by offering classes,  community activities, luncheons, and programs free of charge or at minimum cost.

Connections:  “…But God” Ministry is moving and we are not inclusively designed for one group but are open to any and all volunteers willing to serve as members divinely connected with our vision. 

Community Cause:     Volunteering to serve and raise awareness to specific causes and concerns of others in need and become a resource to address those needs.

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