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Who We Are

But God” Ministry is moving and we are not inclusively designed for one group but are open to any and all volunteers willing to serve as members divinely connected with our vision.


The primary goal of our organization is two-fold.  We will use the most effective tool known to mankind “nette-working”  to partner with churches, community and other Christian connections.  We will offer, equip and provide resources aimed to build, develop and grow through seminars, workshops, leadership trainings, conferences and retreats.  In addition, we identify special needs of the community, become a resource by partnering with other organizations to help met the needs of others.  (Food, clothing, shelter, training and awareness).

Our vision

To support, assist, encourage and inspire, through providing coaching, mentoring, counseling, awareness training , for the youth, elderly, men and women. As we enhance our  “Nette-Work” we will “Pay it Forward” by offering classes,  community activities, luncheons, and programs free of charge or at minimum cost.

About Me

My Joy was born on April 20, 2010.  Jamyla Antoinette Duke  is one of my greatest gifts from God (Psalm 127:3).  ~​I am originally from Huntsville, Alabama.  the Hargrove Family - Identified as 13:1 ~ I have  (7) sisters and (5) brothers. Our mother, whom we are still blessed to share, taught us many valuable lessons.  We owe so much to her for her strength, perseverance, wisdom, courage, and faithfulness in raising thirteen children.

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Ministry is part of our daily walk with Christ. As you journey through the website  "... But God" Nette" Working For You, you will see a common theme.  This theme is a message of preparation - know that God is the KEY!  Our testimonies may be different but the peace that brings resolution is the same... "But God"


We understand that we must prepared because the word of God tells us that it is impossible for us not to be offended.(Luke 17:1)..."But God". .......  .



The minute satan realizes that "you have been chosen"  he will use a familiar friend in whom you trusted (Psalm 41:9) to whisper together against you (Psalm 41:7) to attempt to cause an offense, to stop your ministry.  I serve notice on the community, through continous prayer, we are making preparation through God' word...   { I } am confident of this, that he who began a good work in (...But God) will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:6.

God has chosen this ministry to make the right connections, with the right people, to make a positive  impact in our community.  We will begin the "nette-working" but God will demonstrate the "nette-worth".


We want to be a blessing in this ministry~ not to offend, ... we will trust God, to use HIS power to reveal, heal and mend.

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