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2016 First Ladies Luncheon

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Cancelled Due to Weather

"...But God" Ministry wants to honor your First Lady during our Annual First Ladies Luncheon. 


If you plan on attending, please complete the contact information to the left.


It's Free - we just need you to RSVP.


When:  January 23rd, 2016

Where:  Good Will Industry

Address: 936 Herman Street, Nashvlle

Time:  11:30 am - 1:00 pm




Lunch will be provided FREE - if you want to make a special presentation to your First Lady contact us.


Who can Attend:  Anyone that wants to be a part of appreciating "The Fragance of the House"....   First Lady/Leading Lady/ Senior Pastor's Wife -   One in the same



Pictures from 2015 First Ladies Luncheon




dr jacksons
2015 First Lady 01 24 2015
bethlehem group first ladies luncheon
alderson family
cynthia and rev waller and duke
walkers and d uke
patterson duke williams
volunteers of But God
lady ladonna
dr jacksons
duke and the russells
2016 cover
2015 cake for first ladies
rochelle connie and jenkins
graves jackson and duke
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