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"...But God" Ministry

2017 Registration with

Highlights of 2014 and 2015 and 2016 Women Stepping Forward Conference 

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Saturday Luncheon for the Conference

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2015 Lunch

Judge Callaway and Lady Eleanor Graves

Lady Antoinette Duke, Lady Sawyers, Lady Yates, Lady Graves and Lady Julia Duke

Comedian Brian "B Cov" Covington - Friday Night Banquet


 "...But God" Ministry

2017 Women Stepping Forward Conference 

Septembter 29th - September 30th 2017


Special Conference Rate Only Offer 

Register Now and Pay by March 2017

You will receive a special rate of $99

After March 2017 rate will go to $125.00

Anyone who registers after June 2017 Rate will increase to $145  

31 Women by December 31st

Embassy Suites Airport, Nashville, TN


You will have an opportunity to select 3 packages

 In order to receive the tax exempt rate your room must be paid under the Ministry ~ No exception

All other reservations will be subjected to all taxes! 

2015 Conference Guest:

Lady Sarah Brooks

Lady Eleanor Graves

Lady Coreen Jackson


Keynote Speaker:  Lady Vonda Yates


Singers - Group from Huntsville, Alabama



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