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Thank you for supporting our 1st Annual Fundraiser

To all our supporters - thank you for allowing us to serve in our community

First Ladies that supported but not picturee-  Lady KimberlyTaylor, Lady Linda Williams, Lady Beverly Patterson, Lady Rochelle Russell


From left to right:  Lady Debbie Birdson, Lady Denise LLoyd, Lady Donzella Geter, Lady April Walker, Lady Antoinette Duke and Lady Patricia Joyner


Supporters of "... But God" 

Angela White, Cynthia Keaton, T.J. Norman and Katreda Norman, Pastor William Lloyd, Lady Denise Lloyd, Janice Hasting, Geraldine and Linda, Minister Andre Waller, Pastor Walker, Lady Shae Carter Haley, Everyone who donated ~ we thank you so much.

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