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A Call To Collabrate  - Paying It Forward

First Lady Rochelle
Ms. Frazier

"...But God" Board is proud to have sponsored the following people in the community through our Pay It Forward Collabration.



Ms. Frazier was the winner of a Mountain Top Exeperience.  Women of God will be traveling to Gatlinburg to experience the presence of God ~ through a retreat experience with other ladies. 


"...But God"  was a proud sponsor and sharing in the cost of her trip scheduled for March 2014.


READ HER "...BUT GOD"  Testimony


with ever tear I shed - it has made me stronger ~ with ever mistake I made ~ it has made me wiser ~ with ever test that came my way it gave me a testimony and I could not tell just one testimony without telling my lifetime story.  Not one cry, heartache, disappointment, trial or tribulations is more than the other~  Going through all that I have, has made me who I am today. ( Not perfect but better)

I was born prematurely at 28 weeks, with a lower bowel dead, had tubes running from every where , stayed 11 months in the hospital, stayed on a feeding tube until I was 1 1/2.

The doctor said I wasnt going make it to see my first birthday ... But GOD At five I had emergency surgery to reconstruct my bowel once again , hospitalized for three months. The doctor said I wasn't going be normal... But GOD ~

In the year of 2000 I had a near death experience due to a deadly bacteria called mengistis. But GOD.

In 2001 I became pregnant something that the doctors said I would never be able to do ..

GOD saw fit and I gave birth to a wonderful girl name Lekia La'Shay.

In 2006 I begun to take charge of my life in getting my GED.

Three years ~ two months and a week ago..

With all that I've been through GOD has and still keeping me.

You Could be Here

First Lady Russell was sponsored by "..But God" in the Tennessee State Queen Race - and she Won!

Renewal House



"...But God"  Ministry Nette Working for you has collabrated with St. John M.B. Church in Clarksville TN to collect belts for a local school in Nashville. 

First Ladies and Widows serving not sitting.    

On a mission to meet the needs!


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