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But God.....                                               WORDS


A young lady came to my office devastated by evil thoughts that had invaded her mind. In fact, she was in such a state of fear that  her voice trembled as she asked me for help. I knew I needed to help her but I was not quite sure if I was equipped, however, I sat patiently in listened to her story.


As she looked around the room, in distress she said that people had been following her and that she believed her house was bugged.  At this point,  I, myself became a little nervous and whispered a prayer and said  "Lord  HELP me.  Just before, I allowed her to finish with her story, I calmly suggested that we pray. Immediately God eased my spirit.


For several minutes this young lady described many alarming scenarios which left me stunned.  And then amazingly, this young lady quoted a passage from the bible~ Psalm 41.

I was ashamed to admit that I was not familiar with that scripture but I boldly admitted it to her and stated that I wanted to look it up to read it for myself.


There it was in the word!


Psalm 41: 5-10

My enemies say bad things against me: 'When will he die and his name be forgotten? When someone comes to visit me, he speaks without sincerity. His heart stores up malice; when he leaves, he gossips. All those who hate me whisper together against me; they imagine the worst about me; He has had ruin poured over him; that one lying down will never rise again.' Even my trusted friend, who ate my bread has raised his heel against me. But you , Oh Lord, be merciful to me and raise me up that I may repay them.


It was at that moment that God, revealed HIS power through HIS word and spoke to my heart to share these words with this young lady.... But God!


You see, she was right...based on her own Interpretation- her enemies appeared victorious  "...But God" had another plan ...The message was clear, if we focus on our enemy, we  will always miss the greatest blessing that God has in store of us......What man means for evil......... But God....


All of our being rest on these two words... But God!


We must stay focused on HIS WORD.    We must stay CONNECTED with CHRIST.

Connecting Through the Word

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