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"...But God" sponsors 

Mentor a Youth and Back to School Event

"...BGM" nette-working because we know we can't do it alone. 

Special thanks

501 C 3 Stronger than My Father, Founder Marcus M., COO William Mason, Jr.  501 C 3 Atheletes Can Think Too ACCT Founder, Jeremy Perry, Ivan Hickman and Thomas Porter.  501 C 3 Linda Ragsdale, Peace Dragon, 501 C 3 Yes Ma' No Ma Institute, Cheria Wilson, and Metro Nashville Sgt Blue with the Great Program. 

To all of our vounteers, our board members, parents, visitors, guest and most importantly the CHILDREN -  


Pizza donated by Dominos- Ms. Brandi on Charlotte

Little Ceasar - on Dickerson Road


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