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Coats for the Cold - Warming Up for the Winter 


"...But God" Ministry received a request to sponsor coats for children at the Robert Churchwell Elementary School located in Nashville, TN.  After making a few calls, sending emails and posting on facebook , we received financial support and donations from a community that believes in serving.   We even received donations from other states to support this drive.  Additional  financial donations will be used to purchase hats and gloves for HUGGS, Inc and Women's Congress of Cumberland Association. 

Lady April, Mr. Churchwell, Mrs. Marcia Northern, Assistant Principal, Lady Boseman and Lady Duke
When we reached out to the community - the community reached out to us. 
Sponsorships and Donations


We received donations from the following:  Walmart - West Nashville, Kaye Foreman -Baton Rouge Louisiana, Dr. Keisha Harvey - Lousiana, Goldie Garrett, Keisha Cox, Angela White, Angela Curtis 2014-2015 Student President of Lambda lota Theta Sorority, The Hair and Nail Salon Owner - Michelle Harris, Michelle Fuqua-Bryant, Pa'Tresa Carlew and Tameka Brown)  located on Jefferson Street, Rubie Moore (St. Paul) Lady April Walker, 

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