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Community - In reach


First Lady Ladonna Palms made a request of our "...But God"  Ministry community and we are thankful that we were able to answer the call.  Thank you for allowing us to donate $250.00 on your behalf.  Community of First Ladies supporting one another.   May 2014

First Lady April, First Lady Dominique, First Lady Linda, First Lady Beverly, First Lady Patricia Joyner  and First Lady Antoinette

Serving one with the Other.


First Lady Rochelle Russell


"...But God" Ministry was happy to donate towards the Pastor and First Lady Appreciation.

First Lady Lekita Stevenson


"...But God" Ministry was happy to donate towards your 2014 Ball - Congratulations to the D.O.V.E.S Ministry.

June 2014

First Lady Latonya Hill

Congratulations to Pastor and Lady HIll on their new installation.


Lady April, Lady Debbie, Lady LaTonya, Lady Antoinette and Lady Donzella

Lady Alberta Hall, Lady Rochelle Russell, Lady Beverly Patterson, Lady Wanda Oglivie, Lady Deborah Milford, Lady Paulette Russell, Lady Surkanya Johnson, Lady Annie Sawyers, Lady Donzella Geter, Lady Bertha Lloyd, Lady Antoinette Duke, Lady Linda Williams 

Attending Appreciation Luncheon

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